Our Writers

The Global Sustainable Development News Magazine is hosted and run in England UK with the aim to encourage development of the UK, Baltic Region and World with opportunities and organisation business development.

Below are details of our writers:



Saleem has worked in organisations for 15 years and has a good grasp of business and sustainability. Saleem is a writer and also runs the magazine allocating activities when required.


Joanna is the editor and a writer of the Magazine keeping an eye on what is being published.


Nasreen is a Junior writer and a keen information gatherer she is quick at understanding people and what is needed. She has worked in Retailing for over 20 years.


Sophie is a Junior writer and also studying a degree in Business giving her up-to-date business news.


Sergio is a Junior writer and is currently working for a Software Company in a team-lead role and is also studying Business & Administration keeping him well informed on the latest business organisational news.


Hugh a Junior writer and a very useful business researcher with many years experience in working for business organisations for over 20 years.